To start off I just want to say that this will be an interesting trip. If anyone wants to know what I am planning on doing throughout the trip there is a link to the website that has some of the information on it.

I will be attending a second round of “Ireland trippers” and will be taking a Sociology class and a Biology class (which Sarah is jealous of) that involves a lot of nature walks, as well as bird watching. Throughout the trip we will be visiting various aspects of traditional Ireland, including farm houses (where we will get an amazing dinner), castles (jealous much?) and beach scenery. Now I know what you are thinking. “Beaches in Ireland???” Yes, there are beaches in Ireland, however it is only going to be about 60 degrees in the water so we are NOT going swimming.

Alright, well as far as a first post I’d say that this pretty much covers it. Hope you enjoy your summer, cuz I know I will enjoy those two weeks!!!!!!!

That’s all for now,