I’m sure that you’ve heard the old phrase “Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover” but is that really how we operate? I know that I am guilty of judging someone based on their looks.

When we are looking for something or someone we look at links, videos, and images. What I want to talk about is your personal appearance, particularly in your online avatar. If you were to show up to an interview in a pair of ripped jeans, a dirty polo and basketball shoes would you be received the same as if you were to show up wearing a professionally cleaned and tailored suit? I think not!

The same goes for your online appearance. You cannot expect to be taken serious as an 18-year old at a party with a beer in your hand. Marketing yourself starts with your initial appearance. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and have a professional head shot done (however @mooshinindy or @joshhumble could help you there). You just need to make sure that you are portraying yourself in a manner that is not detrimental to those judging you solely based on your cover.

As was stated by Casey Mullins (@mooshinindy) at the @BlogIndiana Conference “Find three words that describe you and have your avatar represent those three things.”

One last thing to remember, you can never get a second first impression.

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Edit: If you are looking for a place for a “Global Avatar” (usable on most WordPress Websites) go to http://en.gravatar.com/. Your Email Address helps to identify who you are and displays the correct avatar of your choosing.