So as I’m progressing through my 20s I’ve realized that I’m no where near where I need to be in regards to my health. It’s always a shock as to how I’ve been able to get these last 4 to 5 years without realizing what I need to do sooner.

I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself and to also have others help me stay accountable for my workouts. I really want to welcome friends that live in the Indianapolis area to join me, Randy Clark is already trying to setup some basketball shoot around times at Unique’s gym and I have the Red Devil Aquatics Club swimmers trying to get me to join the summer league team.

However the most important goal right now is to run in the Cincinnati Reds’ Redleg Run on June 11, 2011. Sarah is motivating (making) me so that we can complete both the 10k and 5k that morning. I’ve gotten through 3 miles and plan on continuing on a 12 week training plan to build my endurance for these races.

My final plan is to start eating healthier so that I can avoid the health issues that are currently plaguing my family including High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

I look forward to sharing my runs on Twitter and Facebook with my iPod Nano and Nike+ System so that I can (again) have people help me stay accountable. I apologize if this annoys some people, but at least I can be honest about my workouts when the system syncs up.

Well, here goes nothing!