Recently I was given a copy of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and decided that I will partake in applying these laws to my life online.

My hope is that I can also urge you, my readers and friends, to also partake and keep me accountable for my goals, dreams and ambitions as I also help you.

Major Goals

List your major goals. No more than ten; no less than five.

  1. Become a Head Coach of a HS or Club Program – Head Coach of Batesville HS, 2017
  2. Achieve Level 3 ASCA Certification or Higher – Achieved in 2013-14
  3. Prove my self as knowledgeable in Leadership/Coaching
  4. Become a speaker on leadership and motivation for athletes/workers
  5. Get involved with post-college athletic groups, such as Master’s Swimming programs

Leadership Abilities

Assess your leadership ability.

  • Strengths – Legacy, Growth, Buy-In, The Picture, Empowerment, Inner Circle, Magnetism, Intuition, Respect, Solid Ground, and Addition. From what I gather, it goes along the same lines of other analysis that I have done. I’m attracted to people and people are generally attracted to me. Essentially, I am a people person. I like to network and talk, and can seemingly gain their trust through example.
  • Needs Work – Timing, Sacrifice, Priorities, Momentum, Victory, Navigation, Influence, the Lid. What this is telling me is that I have to do a better job of increasing my effectiveness as a leader and rate on a better scale. Not only that, but I also need the willingness to sacrifice my personal time and set better priorities for myself and my teams that I work with.
  • Weaknesses – Process. Upon the first completion of the analysis this is the only area that is a true weakness. The process at which I grow needs work. I’d like some help in how to develop a prices of personal growth that I can engage in and would like some classes, articles or books to help improve myself in this category.

Peer Rating

Finally, ask others to rate your leadership ability.