People look towards family and close friends for support. How often do these requests get laughed at? Ignored? Supported? Or encouraged? No matter the outcome, these situations strengthen connections and can often help when reaching your full potential.

Find what you love.

I’ve come up with some fairly off-the-wall ideas from paintball, laser tag to a web design/development firm. All of them have come crashing down with love and support of our families. They knew we wouldn’t succeed, because we were capable of so much more and our hearts weren’t in it.

I recently talked with a Gen X’er about how Millennial’s (such as myself) often job hop. My question, why is this a bad thing? Sometimes you need to job hop! It’s the easiest way to stop doing something you do not enjoy.

Want to reach your full potential? Know what you do not want to do and what you are not capable of doing. In Jay Baer’s terms, “stop doing what you are not uniquely qualified to do.”

Succeed, no matter what!

Success is hard to come by, expect and embrace failure. Reaching your full potential is lined with success, but it will also be entangled by failure. Success is not determined by failure, but your reaction.

Failure is not intertwined with “I give up.” Instead, you should react with “okay, this method does not work. How can I improve it?” Your drive and determination contribute to your success.

Reaching your full potential.

In an earlier post, Reaffirming a Coaching Career, a former swimmer of mine shared why my belief in him proved beneficial. Find someone who inspires you to do great things.

Having someone believe and share in your success, is a great inspirational tool.

How have you helped someone reach their full potential? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.