As many of you know, my time at Rose-Hulman was always limited. Sarah and I knew that match day would come and we would inevitably be told where we were going to live, not by our hearts, but by a computer system.

On Friday, March 21 we opened a letter, read the words and to saw we will be starting a new life in Northern Kentucky.

When I started coaching, I never envisioned leaving a program would be as hard as it is today. I’ve had the opportunity to coach a variety of swimmers ranging from 6-22. From people just happy to learn the strokes, to (now) NCAA All-Americans. Believe me when I say it’s just as hard to leave this team as it was a 6-year-old that held on to my leg at a swim meet.

I want to thank you for your patience and understanding in year one as I was trying to find my voice and for your attention as we all “adjusted” in year two.

I wish you all nothing but the best and hope to see as many as I can before I leave. Currently, there is no timeline when I will leave.

If anyone wants to stay in contact you can always find me on twitter.

Thank you and best of luck in everything you do.

**Edit: **As of May 30, 2014 I will no longer be working for Rose-Hulman.