I’ve been working on revising the code for OurMenuMaker.com and had been struggling with setting the project up properly.

After looking at different PHP based projects, I determined that I should look into defining my structure similar to the following:

├── public_html
|   ├── css
|   ├── js
|   ├── images
|   └── index.php
├── includes
|   └── config.php

The end product will be much more sophisticated, but this is why I started researching how to set the include path.

For 1and1.com hosting, the include path needs to be set similarly to:

    include_path = .:/usr/lib/php5.5:/kunden/homepages/XX/XXXXXXXX/htdocs/PATH/TO/YOUR/PROJECT

I modified the php.ini file in my project directory and also set the folder/file permissions as appropriate.