We Don’t Need No Education: Web Governance Through On-Demand Online Training

  • House of hoarders.

  • Used Site improve to manage the basic website.

  • Integrated personal data with industry data

  • Content wasn’t focused on audience

  • 75% of traffic does not go through the homepage

  • 97% of users says website is most reliable

  • Content was off brand, they came in farther in on the funnel

  • Used mandatory training until it became true!

  • Moved site off campus; and began working

Strategic Development Initiative

Built all WWW’s (about 10) on a new system and implementation

Web Admin training

Introplanning for changewhat to expectUMW toolboxshared vocabgetting helpGetting Started Quiz
Content Basicsintro to content strategywriting for the webSEOcontent quiz
Compliance IssuesAccessibilityCopyright BasicsExpectations & best practicesCompliance quiz
Wordpress 101Logging InGetting StartedCreating and Editing ContentManaging MediaWordPress Quiz

Advanced Training in Development

Advanced WordpressGravity FormsTablePressAdvisoriesContent GridTabs & Accordions
SiteImproveIntroductionUsing the QA ToolsThe Dictionary
Department Specific TrainingResidence Life - Managing Residence HallsGreat Lives - Managing LecturesGraduate Admissions Pages

Starter Kit

  • Lesson plans
  • Scripts and Slides
  • Video Links
  • Resources (sources)
  • Quizzes

Challenge: Build your own starter kit!

Web Governance


Training should be evaluated once a year and everyone goes through it again.

Give them the actual things to fix accessibility problems. They should be doing it with their monthly report.


Do it everywhere; All people are responsible for ensuring everything meets the accessibility standard

Git for the Stubbornly Resistant Organization