• Road to/through Xavier developer, worked on bringing Vue.js into the student workflow
  • Lead Developer for CitasCenter.com redesign


  • Lead Developer for V5 project. Managed overall workflow and code development practices


  • Provided training, documentation and development for new CMS environment


  • Selection of CMS, V4 conversion to accommodate the new CMS


  • Lead Developer for Content Delivery System
    • Modified CMS blog component
    • Integrated unique tracking system for article views and impressions
  • V4 template redevelopment (on hold)
    • Working to clean up base code for accessibility and performance


  • Lead Developer for V4 Template Development
    • Converted PHP template (from provider) to ColdFusion (for CMS)
    • Implemented bootstrap-sass for server-side compiler
    • Developed and actively maintain CMS and non-CMS based templates
  • Email Template Refresh
    • Assisted with email template refresh and code cleanup
    • Setup code repository to host templates


  • Lead Developer for Road to Xavier
    • Designed/Developed HTML architecture for mobile-friendly framework
    • Uses Foundation 4